Custom Sized Mattresses

SGK Mattresses Online offers wide range of mattresses in all possible standard sizes that suit to almost all beds. However, if you have a bed that measures odd and cannot fit the standard sized mattress, no worries. Just Click Here and input your custom sizes (Length, Height and Width). We will get back to you with the quotation for the same.

How to take measurement for a mattress?

If you need help in measuring the dimensions for the mattress, refer the following illustrative image.

Measurement of Mattresses

While taking measurement for the mattress use ONLY the inside parts of the bed i.e. the exact place where the mattress will be placed. Measurement should be taken from corner to corner (length and breadth) as well as from the centers.

In case of coir foam mattress even difference of one inch is critical. In case of cotton mattresses 1-2 inches’ difference does not matter much as they spread after use.

To measure the curving corner of your bed use old newspapers to take forming of the curve.

Take measurements in inches or millimeter for more accuracy.

SGK mattresses will not be responsible if your inputted dimensions are incorrect and mattress does not fit well onto your bed.