1. How to take measurement for a mattress?

While taking measurement for the mattress use ONLY the inside parts of the bed i.e. the exact place where the mattress will be placed. Measurement should be taken from corner to corner (length and breadth) as well as from the centres.

In case of coir foam mattress even difference of one inch is critical. In case of cotton mattresses 1-2 inches’ difference does not matter much as they spread after use.

To measure the curving corner of your bed use old newspapers to take forming of the curve.

Take measurements in inches or centimetres or millimeter for more accuracy.

2. Why are cotton mattresses short in length and breadth during the initial one month?

While manufacturing cotton mattress 90% work is manual work. During the stitching phase the handloom fabric gets pulled towards inside. (Watch the video for more information). This results in overall contraction of the mattress. This applies for standard, semi box type and box type cotton mattresses.

According to its natural tendency, cotton starts spreading and settling down. After regular use of around 6 months it eventually fits to size.

  • Note: In rare cases the mattress does not spread even after use. It is not considered a manufacturing defect but a natural cotton tendency. Please contact us in such cases.
  • Ready measurements can be given if requested by the customer. However, this is not recommended as mattress will spread beyond the bed size after use. In such cases, it is not manufacturer’s responsibility to repair and remake such mattress.

3. How to select a mattress?

Mattress selection is mainly a personal choice. Everyone has different preference as per their physique. Here is a list to help you decide what is best for you:

  • Standard cotton mattress gives soft but firm feel; ideal for everyday use
  • Semi box type cotton mattress is a medium firm cotton mattress
  • Box type cotton mattress is firm but with a cotton feel
  • PU foam mattress is flexible and light-weight; it is pleasingly soft
  • Bonded foam mattress extraordinarily dissolves shock/impact; it is relaxing and long-lasting
  • Coir foam mattress is anti-sagging; It doesn’t absorb liquid; its cotton quilt cover provides extra relaxation
  • Memory foam mattress takes shape of your sleeping pattern after use; adjusts to your body weight and temperature
  • Orthopaedic coir mattress is firm and unbending. It does not bounce back.

4. How to select a pillow?

Pillow selection is mainly a personal choice. Everyone has different preference as per their support preference. Here is a list to help you decide what is best for you:

  • Standard cotton pillow gives soft but firm feel
  • Organic pure cotton pillow has soft feel of pure cotton
  • Organic cotton layer pillow Specially designed for spondylitis patients - soft as well as flat; superior finish
  • Silk cotton pillow has softest cotton to give silk soft feel
  • Polyester fiber pillow extra softness with elegant look; easy-to-wash

5. How to order custom-made mattress?

You can visit this page to submit the dimensions of your mattress. Your submitted information will reach to us and we will get back to you with quotation within 48 hours of receiving your request. Alternatively, mail us the following at sgkmattresses@gmail.com or info@sgkmattressesonline.com:

  • Size of the bed (Length, Width & Height preferably in millimeter)
  • Type of the mattress required

We will reply with the quotation for the same; And accordingly deliver your order after your confirmation.

6. What is the difference between pure cotton, standard cotton, polyester fiber layer and pure cotton layers?

  • Pure cotton: cotton from which cotton cloth thread has not been fully extracted
  • Standard natural cotton: cotton from which cotton thread is extracted
  • Polyester fiber: artificial cotton, washable
  • Pure cotton layers: machine pressed layers of pure cotton

7. How to take care of coir foam spring mattress?

  • Rotate the mattress once a month to improve the mattress’s life
  • Use it from both sides to decrease sagging

8. How to take care of cotton mattress?

  • Use it from both sides; It should be turned up once a month
  • It should be remade once every 3-4 years
  • Keep it in the sun for one day to fluff it again

9. What is standard delivery time for the products?

Your orders will be delivered within 8 working days.

10. What is the warranty provided for the products?

One year manufacturing defect warranty is provided for all products.

11. How to make payments?

100% payment should be made at the time of placing order:

  1. Through our payment gateway integrated with the site www.sgkmattresses.com. The payment gateway facility is provided by CCAvenue which is India's leading payment gateway service provider. Making payments through CCAvenue is safe and secure. Neither SKGMattressesOnline.com nor CCAvenue saves your credit card / debit card or bank details including account number or password. using CCAvenue payment gateway, you can pay online using Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking.