Sathe Gadi Karkhana was established in 1935 by Late Shridhar Ramchandra Sathe (1909-1988). A born innovator, Shridhar Sathe was interested in inventing machines. He invented and improvised a number of machines and gadgets for various processes in the textile industry – ginning, spinning, weaving and so on. An admirer of Gandhi’s ideas, and Nehruvian dreams, he devoted his energies to inventions for making life easier for the rural Indians. Among his numerous inventions ranging from Dam building techniques to toilets ideal for rural Indian life, Kisan Bandhara (Dam) was recognised as a notable invention of the year by ROLEX in 1980.

His sons, Suhas and Sarang entered the business after getting their university degrees in the 1970s. They contributed to the establishment of the brand of Sathe Gadi Karkhana as one of the most trusted business houses on Laxmi Road. The three grandsons -Sameer, Siddharth and Vikram have joined the firm in the 1990s as the third generation of Sathes. The thing that runs common through the three generations managing the firm is the ideology of integrity, excellence and efficiency.



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